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STLib is a security-purpose library for managing software license.
Once you link and distribute STLib with your software, STLib prevents inappropriate run of your software.
STLib supports a variety of checking objects, such as MAC address, license term, and so on.

1. Benefits

  1. You (creator of the protected software) can get license management environment with cost-effective and minimum effort.
    We provide suitable API according to your development language. Just a few lines are required for implementation.
  2. User can start his/her operation quickly and easily.
    STLib may be delivered in three days from your inquiry. All that the user has to do is to put STLib to his/her PC with your software.

2. System requirements

   Only Linux distributions below are supported.
  • RedHatEL 5x,6x
  • CentOS 5x,6.x
  • OpenSUSE 12.3 / 13.2
  • Ubuntu 14.x
   For security reasons, the PC on which your software runs must always has Internet accessibility via HTTP.

3. Restriction on distribution

   Due to intellectual property protection laws, there are a number of countries which STLib cannot be delivered to.

4. STLib for GRRM 

  STLib meets security protection requirements of GRRM as follows.
  • Development OS and language
    -> STLib supports Linux and C language.
  • Requirement 1. "Prevent illegal copies !"
    -> STLib's function of MAC address limitation prevents software run on un-licensed PCs.
  • Requirement 2. "Flexible license term according to user type"
    -> STLib supports various license terms according to user type, such as commercial users and academic users.
  •   As above, STLib protects your software license flexibly as you wish.

    5. How to Order STLib for GRRM

    1. Please contact GRRM developers (URL below) for obtaining or any inquiries about GRRM program.
    2. Receive User ID from GRRM developers
    3. After you received User ID, please click "Contact Form" below and fill it in.
      Please make sure you already have User ID issued by GRRM developer before doing this.
    4. Complete and submit Contact Form.
    5. Our representative will contact you by email and process your order.